Fill Dirt Delivery Beaumont, Texas

Sand fill Delivery and Construction Services

Mike Gray Construction, Inc. provides Sand fill delivery and construction services in Vidor, Beaumont, Lumberton, Nederland and all of The Golden Triangle when you need high quality Sand fill, Dirt cover, Masonry sand, light to medium 60/40 sand clay, river sand, white play sand, and top soil construction and landscaping materials. With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, Mike and his team are well known for dependability and delivering only the best fill dirt material in the area. His crews are experts when you need house pad site dirt work and even provides pool demolition and fill dirt when you have an unwated pool on your property. Call Mike Gray Construction today for FREE ESTIMATE on any residential or commercial fill dirt or construction project at 409-351-0625.


Fill Dirt Delivery

Sand Fill Delivery

Sand fill, Dirt cover, Masonry sand, clay, white sand, and topsoil delivery
pool demolition
Pool demolition and fill in construction services.
Site Dirt Work

Residential Site Dirt Work

Site dirt work for house pads for new construction.

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Recommends Mike Gray Construction with 5 stars!

Jaymes Mesker

Gray construction has always been on time and precise during my original experience with the firm. Both Mike and Matt are very efficient operators and perform top of the line work. My call every time!

Jeremy Lee Pavlich

Greatest construction company I’ve ever dealt with! I give ’em 5 and a 1/2 STARS!

Joel West